These are our new Apico Heat shrink tube kits which consist of 385pcs of black tubes in various sizes. The heat shrink tubing is a piece of plastic tubing that’s is designed to contract when heated up (with a heat gun for example) The tubing has a lot of different uses and is commonly use for insulating electrical wires and cables ect that become exposed to the elements. Sizes are as follows, 1mm X 40mm, 2mm X 40mm, 3mm X 45mm, 4mm X 45mm, 5mm X 65mm, 6mm X 65mm, 8mm X 90mm, 10mm X 90mm, 12mm X 90mm

Heat Shrink Tubing kit including 385pcs - Black
1mm X 40mm
2mm X 40mm
3mm X 45mm
4mm X 45mm
5mm X 65mm
6mm X 65mm
8mm X 90mm
10mm X 90mm
12mm X 90mm


RRP: £10.00