Polisport has released a new restyling kit for the YZ that includes YZF number plate and front fender. Now you can give your YZ a newer and different look with the front of the more modern 4-strokes bikes.
This kit is available in OEM color, white, black and will include the airbox. You’ll be able to restyle the older YZ’s from 02-14 and from 14 onward if you want to have the 4-stroke front fender and number plate. 

Polisport Replica

This Kit Includes

Front Fender - Blue - 8574800007

Rear Fender - Blue - 8579800001

Side Pannels - White - 8607500002

Radiator Scoops - Blue - 8417500001

Number Plate - White - 8666000008

Airbox+Covers - Black - 8608800001


RRP : £145.00 Please login