ABS helmet models have a net weight of 1250 grams. Manufactured with an ABS thermoplastic shell and a dual-density EPS interior, they have two sizes of shells and EPS and are approved with the EU 22-06 certification. These models incorporate a complete ventilation system that allows the air flow to circulate optimally. Specifically, they have 2 front air inlets and 2 upper ones that can be modulated thanks to their removable covers. They also have 4 side holes to facilitate hearing and breathability. To facilitate washing they have a fully removable interior. They also stand out for their micrometric security closure, the adjustable visor and the retractable sun visor. In addition, they have the possibility of installing the Light for life system, a device that allows synchronizing the braking of the motorcycle with the helmet lights.


RRP: £130.00
Size : S