The kit allows for installation on a single fork tube. For a complete forks revision, two kits are required. Optimize your riding experience with SKF fork seal kits, designed to excel in every aspect of performance and durability. The SKF Heavy Duty Fork Seal Kits provide an advanced solution with a dual lip sealing design for both oil and dust seals. Engineered to ensure maximum performance, these kits are ideal for tackling the most extreme riding conditions. The kit includes a dust scraper and an oil seal, both made with a new self-lubricating compound for superior sealing performance. The dust scraper acts as the first guard against dirt entering the fork and contaminating the components, while the oil seal prevents oil leakage. Both the dust scraper and the fork oil seal are capable of withstanding UV light, maintaining a low and constant level of friction during operation. An ideal option for those seeking substantial improvements in the riding experience. Compatibility with a wide range of OE and aftermarket oils ensures unparalleled versatility. Durability and performance increase, while the enhanced protection against water and dirt reduces wear and air suction. Choose the SKF fork seal kit and elevate your riding experience with superior performance, increased durability, and an unmatched comfort sensation.