The kit allows for installation on a single fork tube. For a complete forks revision, two kits are required.
SKF's innovative Dual Compound fork seals are renowned for their superior performance in terms of smoothness, extreme protection capability against water and dirt, and for providing the rider with the best riding experience. These seals are manufactured using SKF's proprietary "Super Low Friction NBR" compounds, known for their advanced properties. They feature a robust internal metal stamping that provide proper support for the sealing lips, ensuring less fork stiction and exceptional durability.The two compounds used, green and red, have unique characteristics. The green part is tough and durable while maintaining high surface grip properties without compromising friction. The red part, on the other hand, is soft and flexible, making it the optimal solution to adapt to any micro-imperfections of the fork tube while allowing exceptional fork movement.The fork wiper has undergone a complete redesign and is equipped with a self-cleaning, open-wind spring to increase sealing pressure. The new spring allows mud to flow through the open coil, ensuring a stable radial load on the sealing lip and optimizing contact pattern to the shaft.The new metallic component inside the dirt scraper and oil seal provides essential structural integrity to optimize the functions of the sealing lips. These lips are redesigned on both components to ensure maximum contamination exclusion and to enhance followability on the shaft.This product represents the most advanced solution in the fork seal market, offering a unique combination of materials and design that ensures durability, superior performance, and adaptability in all operating conditions.