Complete range of acrylic paints, heat resistant (non-acrylic) paints and primers and lacquers that allow you to paint both plastics and metal surfaces.

Apico’s Pre Paint Cleaner should be used in all cases before using Apico and other paint products. This reduces the risk of paint bubbles and getting an uneven, pitted or cratered surface finish.

It is advised to spray plastic surfaces initially with our unique plastic primer and then your choice of acrylic colour. This improves the physical properties of the plastic, meaning that no white stress marks are shown when the parts are bent or put under stress.

Buying plastic parts made easy – as long as your fitment is correct, you’re no longer restricted to buying parts that match the colour of your bike.

Apico’s colour matches are exact to RAL codes used by the original factories, such as KTM, right back to the original ‘Bultaco’ and ‘Husqvarna’ Silver colours from the 1970’s and everything in-between.

Separate exhaust and engine paints are also available. Exhaust paint is heat resistant up to 400°c.

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