GET powersport lithium iron phosphate battery: performance and reliability guarantee

Powersport GET lithium iron phosphate batteries represent the pinnacle of quality and reliability in the motorcycle battery industry. Designed in response to the needs of teams, mechanics and riders, these batteries combine exceptional performance and engineering craftsmanship that make them ideal for both professional riders and off-road motorcycle enthusiasts.

Main features

 Advanced performance: Thanks to their state-of-the-art technology, GET batteries offer a significant increase in performance compared to traditional options, ensuring maximum efficiency in every situation.

 Reliable starting: Special resin coating technology allows GET batteries to start promptly even in extreme conditions, maintaining optimal thermal stability to protect battery integrity.

 Space- and weight-saving: With a compact size and low weight, GET batteries offer comfort and convenience without compromising on power and performance.

 Strength and Durability: IP54 certified, these durable batteries can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 230°C, ensuring exceptional durability and reliable protection in any environmental condition.

Specific features of GK-ATHBL-0005 Lithium battery:

CCA: 140 A

Dimensions: 86x85x48 mm

Weight: 450 g

Replacement to Lithium OE Batteries:
C22S / HY85S

CRF250R 18-24
CRF450R 18-24
CRF250RX 19-24
CRF450RX 19-24

FC 250 16-17
FC 350 16-17
FC 450 16-17

250 SX-F 16-17
350 SX-F 16-17
450 SX-F 16-17

DL12 2023
NITRO 2023

Replacment to Lead Acid OE Batteries:

EC250-300 00-13
EC250 4T 10-11

TE250 4T 02-10
TE450 4T 06-10
TE501 4T 04-09


RRP: £124.90